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Greetings, just got my hands on the G3, and the features and hardware look great so far.

I've run into a bit of a hassle however; I can't seem to find any actual electrical connection schematic or I/O sheet

As a automation engineer, this is honestly very much a problem, the documentation for the controller looks to be all over the place with most of the pages being mixed between old documentation and some new pictures ect for the newer G3.

Specifically right now i'm missing how to connect the emergency stop input, and why there are two inputs, but only one in software.​

(In my head, as per industry standard; emergency stop is its own closed loop that connects one or two leads from source to ground on a two or four pin connector)​

If anyone (or support) has some files and technical specifications available that i could read through, i could draw up a proper diagram with I/O lists and publish them here on the forums, I may just anyway after decoding all this on my own :p


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Under the support tab click on "Documentation" for txt / pics or the "Video Tutorials" for an interactive video. They can provide you with a PDF if requested. The fine print on the cover of the G3 shows terminal function as well.

E-stop without pendant is unit power to NC terminals on E-Stop switch then to post post 2 vs post 1 if using with a pendant


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Hi @rayleigh

The documentation is currently under review and can be a bit confusing but if you bear in mind that the old and new are basically the same, just a new layout and with the removal of some unused interfaces.

The documentation for the estop is located here and shows the 2 different methods of connecting the Estop depending on whether you use a pendant or not.


For clarification this video explains how the estop works on Masso. In the video it mentions relay output 7 which turns on a relay whenever the estop is pressed. This has been replaced with TTL output labeled ES. With a suitable relay interface you can connect a relay to connect back to other equipment when the Estop is pressed. https://www.masso.com.au/masso-documentation/?section=ttl-outputs

Hope this helps