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Hi guys, I am using aspire 8.5. Outputting files to masso using ATC arcs mm.

If I draw a circle in Aspire, it shows on the Masso screen as a oval, but it cuts normally as per the Aspire file

sure to b something basic, any ideas.???


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Files as drawn in Aspire and how it looks in Masso

I guess its a screen setting somewhere


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Hi @cnc-maker

The reason the circle looks like an oval is that you are using a wide screen monitor 16 x 9 to display Standard Definition screen 3 x 4.

Set your monitor to the correct aspect ration and the picture will look correct.

If your circles cut as ovals then your axis are not calibrated or you have backlash.




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thanks Peter, yeah its just an aspect ratio thing as i suspected. I need to b more observant, I noticed in passing that u have a wide screen on your back wall, so i thought it would be fine. Sadly I did not notice the black bars on the side now that I just went back and had a good look at one of your videos.... I see the black side bars are indeed present

Is there any way I can get masso to display on a wide screen without losing 20% on each side to black bars. I remember Mach having a plugin or similar for wide screens. It would be nice to be able to utilize the wide screen to its full potential