Emco 120 P Masso retrofit conversion with Dual MPG


Hello to all.

I have purchased emco 120 P lathe and I plan to make a retrofit conversion. Lathe does have central lubrication and pneumatic chuck and pneumatic tailstock -> that's the P letter.

My plan is to use original 8 tool changer motor and purchase other retrofit components.

Big question is that can Masso support Dual Hand wheels / MPG?

I'd like to have this feature with aftermarked handwheels.

There's a thread here with the open question: https://www.masso.com.au/forums/topic/cnc-lathe-retrofit-with-dual-handwheels-mpg/

There's also YouTube video published by Masso CNC Controllers from Emco 120P with Masso retrofit what is similar to mine.

Is there a documentation including hardware for this retrofit project as video doesn't cover it too deeply ?

I attached 2 photos where you can see the machine. It's quite a mess but quickly inspected. It will get complete overhaul also mechanically.

Best Regards, Antti


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