Enclosures and Humidity


I have recently bought a masso and im not sure will it survive in a computer case with my climate here in ireland. My cnc plasma is in a workshop which can be quiet damp at times, not wetwet but it is damp enough on a foggy day. Does anyone have any tips on how best to house the masso controller or wether it would damage easy in a damp enviroment.

Also, can the masso be setup in an almost airtight box to help with humidity problem?



Here in southeast Missouri, we get a lot of humid weather as well. I am currently building my first CNC conversion and have wondered the same thing. My shop has a window air conditioner so that will help a lot in the summer months. But I have also thought about the other times when the humidity is high when the temps are too low to run the air conditioner. One thing that caught my attention is a gun safe dehumidifier. You can get them for $20+ and this seems like a reasonable to control humidity problems. Ebay and Amazon sell them. You might look at one and see if it will work for you.


The easiest way is to included some sort of a Silica Gel desiccant in the enclosure, like thy do when a product is shipped from overseas.

One such example is shown below;