Endless Update Loop


Hello - I have received v3.40.24pre update for my Masso lathe control. Followed the directions about how to do an update. The instructions state not to remove the USB flash drive before powering off and back on after seeing the "Successfully updated 100%" alert. The Masso repeats the update cycle every time until I remove the USB drive and delete the two update files. This feels wrong to me and suspect is leading to WiFi connection issues I am fighting with.

This is a brand new Masso so I don't have a previous revision to roll back to and it appears you can't get one from the website.

Any others dealt with this?



MASSO Support
Staff member
If MASSO starts loading the software again after the sucessfull update, it means that it can't rename the file, this happens on some USB pen drives, please just delete the file that has the controller serial number from the pen drive once the update has been done, then plug the USB back to MASSO and power up the unit.

WiFi connection issues won't be related to this.