Error save file CNC



We have problem when I edit a subprogram... it s not possible save changes.... are you have any solution? this error is in all controls (We have 4) the current solution is off and on control, but is not confort. in this case if possible edit subprogram and save, but in other change, is neccesary off /on again.


Staff member

The problem is not with the editor but fact that you have to load the subprogram into MASSO first and when you do that it reads the file and get to the last line which is M99 and that is a return to main program function and as there is no main program loaded, MASSO gets confused and locks up.
The editor successfully saves the file but you can't do anything else but reboot MASSO.

If you are trying to test a subprogram on it's own, then it is best to not put M99 as the last line but use M30 until you are happy with the results and then change it to M99.