Feature Request: Display the Estimated Run Time to Completion (ETE)


Feature Request: Display ETE

Currently the Masso Controller displays the Runtime and Percent-of-Job-Completion at the bottom of the screen, with a little complex mental calculation I normally estimate how long the rest of the job will take. In some systems the remaining time-to-completion is know as ETE.

I think everyone would appreciate seeing the ETE calculation done for them. User would understand that it is ONLY an estimate and depending on tool path, the CNC equipment, and the Percent-of-Job-done calculation. But a displayed of ETE would be very useful, when trying to get other things done in the shop.

The calculation is simple: ETE = CurrentLapseTime/CurrentPercentJobDone - CurrentLapseTime

Of course, a more accurate, but more complex, calculation for the ETE value could be displayed, by takes in to consideration only the last ten minutes (or so) completion rate. The simpler version would be good-enough.

Basically, I think this feature would add maybe two line of code to the current Masso Controller implementation.


So, What are other Users opinion, please provide feedback?


Thanks, Masso Dev Team for the consideration