Feature Request: "Input Pin Macros"


On an earlier "Feature Requests" topic I suggested a input pin connected to "Go To WorkOffset" or "Go To Work Origin" button would be very useful, See: https://www.masso.com.au/forums/topic/goto-current-workoffset-input-pin/

But, that function could be "User Configured", if "Input Pin Macros" were implemented - This is a formal request for: "Input Pin Macros".

For this New Feature, I suggest several "Input Pins" could be defined to run "Custom User Macros" and configured on Setup (F1) screen, the Macro could be any short "G-Code Snippets".

Thanks for your consideration and efforts



Feature Request: "Input Pin Macros"

After reading hundreds of suggestions on this forum and other online documents, I think if Masso would implement "Input Pin Macros", where a user could connect a button, it would solve many of the requested features here in this forum, and provide a way for the user to augment the Masso Development Team with new capabilities.

A button press on an Input Pin would run a Macro G-Code Snippet, the snippet should have a optional Flag to indicate where it is allowed run during a normal Program Run, or NOT. Turning ON or OFF a Vacuum System would be allowed during a Program Run, while a "Go to Home" may not. The actual Macro syntax would have to be work out.

For example, input Buttons on the following pins could be defined as:

Pin 09 "Go To Work Origin", as: G0 G53 Z0; G0 G54 X0 Y0

Pin 10 "Go to Home", as: Go G53 Z0; G0 G53 X0 Y0

Pin 11 "Go to Alternate Park Position", as: G0 G53 Z0; G0 G53 X200 Y500

Pin 12"Got To Another Alternate Park Position", as: G0 G53 Z0; G0 G53 X500 Y500

Pin 13 "Got to Work Jig 2", as: G0 G53 Z0; G0 G55 X0 Y0

Pin 14 "Turn On Vacuum System" via relays, as: M64 P06

Pin 15 "Turn On Exhaust Hood" via a relay, as M64 P07

etc, etc,. . . etc.

User defined "Input Pin Macros" would free up many of the ON Screen MIDI and Program Buttons, so that they could be used for more useful functions.

The Macro definitions, should be save in a file as text on the SD Card, and therefore could be published here as examples for other users.

Thanks for the consideration and the Masso Development Teams Efforts.



Staff member
Hi Eldon,

I know it's not what you are asking but if this helps but there are already inputs for some of the functions you mention just in case you want to use them.

Go to Home, Go to Park Position, There are 6 inputs to turn on and off relays as needed eg vacuum and exhaust hood.

What buttons would you free up on the screen what more useful function would you assign to them instead?
Remember that those who use touch screen will want a lot of those buttons on the screen rather than have to build an external panel somewhere else.

Cheers Peter