Feature Request: "More use of Tower Light Output Pins"


Currently the Tower Lights keeps the Machine Operator informed of several different stages of operation.

But, some potential dangerous operations are not indicated by the Tower Lights, for example: The Spindle is Running (via MIDI or other), The Spindle is in G-Code Programmed Spindle Spin-Up or Spin-Down Delay, and/or The Program is running a G04 Dwell. Each of these will normally be quickly followed by some Carriage Movement or Spindle Speed change.

It would be useful for the Operator to be aware of the potentially dangerous pending operation. Maybe Yellow and Green lights together could be used to indicate some automatic operation will quickly be following.

Also, The Light outputs-pins could be decode by external logic to perform other CNC support functions (note: this is my real interest).

This is a simple idea, and hopefully be easy to implement. This may help save an injury, and could be useful for other support functions.

Thanks, Masso Dev Team, for your consideration.




@eldonb46 By Light output pins, are you referring to using say three of the normal outputs to control a light tower or is their another way of doing it that I have missed.