Feature Requests - Cutter Comp and Documentation



I just wanted to create this post to hopefully get a valid response to the matter that is Cutter Comp and Documentation
  1. Cutter Comp? I see so many people request on the forum more interest with regards to cutter comp and they seem to get little or no response.... in my eyes cutter comp is a massively important part of the cnc control software! its one thing having a brilliant controller that looks brilliant and works fantastic but to me, not having cutter comp is a massive oversight! On smaller hobby built machines it can often be very awkward getting tools etc to cut to sizes etc you need, whereas cutter comp almost eliminates all of this issue making it alot easier to dial in those sizes.. why when this subject normally comes up does masso not clarify whats going on with regards to the cutter comp situation at least then we will all have something to look forward to and prevent all the future questions. Simply saying its in development for the past year or so doesn't help people with answers. I understand rome wasn't built in a day but some insight would be great. Your product is fantastic and i feel this would take it to the next level...
  2. Documentation? As much as i like the whole digital documentation for the masso g3 i have, i think sometimes it can be vague and not really aid in what it is you need or are looking for. Documentation for a controller like masso needs to be clear and concise so that there is no room for misinterpretation from the user.. granted this will occasionally happen but i've found my self occasionally questioning the way certain things are explained.

Overall i think the masso g3 i have is a fantastic product i just think a good starting point would be addressing the above as i feel to a certain degree peoples needs get overlooked and its easy to say its in development when actually is it?

Thanks and look forward to hearing some kind of response

Stay safe!

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I m also a huge fan of G41/G42 comp. especially when doing things like threadmilling or being able to adjust a specific feature such as a location spigot. It s also useful on setup. As someone who mainly codes rather than using CAM software Cutter comp is essential.


I just purchased 2 Masso controllers from CNC4PC, we have a use for one and will find somewhere to put the other. But future purchases are going to require cutter comp. From my recent forum post

At our shop, we've had a variety of machines, Hass mills and lathes, that old Milltronics, Doosan 5 axis mill-turn, Miyano 7-axis mill-turn, UR, Mecademic and ABB robots. My partner formerly manufactured fly reels, https://youtu.be/vgkR_tRQpYo. Our needs very widely.

At this point, Masso is a drop-in replacement for our GRBL custom solutions. However, speaking with my partner, he says "cutter comp" is mandatory for other projects. We can't use Masso until cutter compensation is implemented. Searching the documentation there's no mention, nor are G40, G41 and G42 supported.


Model and Toolmaking
I have a G2 and A G3. I thought I could get by without wear offsets but it is getting to be a real pain. Masso could buy the code off another control maker if they cannot write the code. Even Maxnc had wear offsets. A offset table is not even needed. Mach3 has it so you can use a P word in your G code.