"Feed Hold" feature


I was messing with the feed hold feature tonight. I was only air cutting, as I am testing current settings to reduce stepper heat. I noticed that if I jogged away from the spot that I hit feed hold at, it returned, which is great. My issue, though, is that it pretty much made all the axis movements at once. This could be bad is almost all situations. Is there anyway you can change it so that when you hit cycle start, after feed hold, it makes the X and Y axis movements, but it does not move the Z axis until the X and Y axis movements have been completed? I do not know how the spindle reacts, as I did not have it turned on. If the feel hold does stop the spindle, then I would like to suggest that the spindle is turned back on at the same time as it makes the X and Y movements. This would allow time for spindle spool up. You could even have it so that it does not even make the Z axis movement until you hit cycle start a second time.


MASSO Support
Staff member
thanks for the feedback and we have added this to our development list. We will change the logic so that the X and Y axis moves first and then the Z axis.