Feed Override select and Spindle Override select


Pinoy CNC
Finally my Machine now is alive......

My question is if you do set on your cam the feed rate of 300 you cannot adjust to go higher than 300 but you can adjust it lower than 300?

because i just playing my old gcode on masso, and adjusting the feed rate to high as 300% like my usbcnc controller that you can adjust the feed rate up to 300%. but the highest is only 100%.

the spindle side is opposite you can adjust as high as your set rpm on cam.

is that possible to adjust this feed rate as high as possible or the highest is only 100%?


MASSO Support
Staff member
Yes the feed override is from 10 to 100% and spindle RPM override from 10 to 150%. We will be increasing the feed override in the future software versions.