Firmware will not load


Brand new to MASSO and to CNC.

I have tried, numerous times, to load firmware following YouTube instructions. Appears to load and show 100% and then turns red with Error. Suggestions please.



MASSO Support
Staff member
I think you are loading version 3.241, its ok if the bar goes red, basically once you see the bar go 100% in red colour, power off the unit and remove the USB pen drive. Next you can power on the unit with the pen drive removed and you will see the main software running.

Please also make sure that you delete the software file from the USB pen drive as if the controller is power up with USB plugged in having the software file then it will try to reinstall it. You just need to delete this file if the bar goes red and this is only applicable with v3.241 and new releases will work ok.

Please let us know if you are using a different version and having this issue.