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Is it possible to have a look at some basic features of the forum that are backwards?
  1. When you get a notification that a comment or post has been made you get a link, which sends you into the thread but you can't comment because you aren't logged in.

You then press log in sends you back to the main menu, not back to the thread you were just in... It's really annoying to have to go through your recent pages just to get to where the link sent you originally. I'm not sure which forum platform this runs on but surely it's something that can be resolved.

2. The actual log in has a remember me box you can tick but never actually does anything especially now that there is a Captcha box to tick. Is there really a need for the Captcha at log in? Would it not be a better idea to have a more advanced or 2 step Captcha when a new user signs up so Bots don't get accounts in the first place?

3. Email notifications get sent when a user is mentioned but this happens every-time you reply if you had already commented on the thread. For example, I post a thread, someone comments and quotes my post then when I reply again, I get a notification to say I was mentioned again though it was just me quoting the last comment...

Everything else is great! the mobile interface works flawlessly. Just these things that bug me every-time I try and comment or reply!



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thanks for those points and we can forward the recommendations to the developer of the forum plugin. What we do is generally open a duplicate window, login to one and then refresh the other window.


Is there also an option in the forum to private message each other? Also under your user name is there a possibility to add a location.

Regards Carl


When you first log in you should have the Captcha ticked, Click remember me and that should be all done.

I did not have the Captcha feature on my website and got caught out badly with bot emails. clogged my webmail mailbox at 100mb overnight.