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Hello Everyone,

I'm Jarno from the Netherlands, i'm married and we have 3 children. In my daily life i'm an engineer at a company that builds huge fan's, filters and heaters for industrial sandblasting and painting. We also produce and build large industrial powdercoat ovens.

2014 i bought an X-carve, i learned a lot with this machine but i realized quickly that this machine wasn't rigid enough for me and started looking for a larger and more rigid machine. In the meantime there happend a lot, i extended my garage to have space for my future full size CNC router.

I got different quotes from chinese suppliers, the prices were good but the quality is hit or miss this was a gamble i didn't want to make. After a while i came across a post on instagram or youtube with a cncrouterparts like cnc from a guy in Germany. I contacted him if he would sell his machine or the plans to me, after some time he got this question from different people so he decided to start selling his machine as a kit.

A couple of weeks ago i ordered the kit with all the machined aluminium plates, assembly manual and list of suppliers for the other components. The linear guiding and the aluminium profiles needed to be purchaced from other suppliers. So went on a short 3 day road trip trough Germany with a friend of me, to pick up the parts from the different suppliers. (the parts list tells you wat you need, with a recommendation, but you are free to order where you want)

At this moment i'm assembling the router, and i'm planning to use the Masso G3 to control the router.

some machine specs:
  • 80/40 aluminium profiles (super heavy duty)
  • 25mm cpc linear guiding on x,y and z axis (nice quality)
  • helical rack and pinion drive on the x and y axis
  • 13 Nm closed loop nema 34 motors (single on the X axis, dual on the Y axis)
  • work area +/- 1250x2500 mm


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Jarno that machine is a work of art, Wow

The Masso is one of the best options for controllers out there without having a PC and software get in the way. I have noticed though its connectivity to smart devices for its price range is way behind the competition even for open source equipment

For example your only option for a MPG is the old wired variety no phone App or Wireless option available, So you are left with keyboard, mouse, and hard wired MPG for control

The unit does have WiFi for sending files but again directory management does not exist on the unit itself (You have to remove usb storage device and do changes on PC)

So it is dated in terms of connectivity and user interface.

On the plus side it is very easy to get running and very reliable unit, This forum is amazing and has some very experienced Engineers who are always willing to help even with the simple new user questions

I would recommend it for your machine and imagine that you would get all the support you need to get it running, so long as you are not after a flashy user interface and modern connectivity it is definitely the way to go.

Btw more photos please that build looks amazing

Cheers Steve