Fusion 360 Post Processor Update


This is probably old news but I just noticed that Autodesk recently updated their post processor for Masso back in April. I just downloaded it from Autodesk site here and then uploaded it into the Fusion360 cloud based CAM Posts subfolder under Assets. I'll have to update this post processor code to include the mill turn option like I did in the last version.

I realize that what I just wrote above might sound strange to anyone who is not familiar with Fusion360. I would be glad to help anyone need assistance with updating the CAM post processor in Fusion360

Cheers, Stephen Brown


Hello I have not usd Fusion 360 but Artcam but Artcam can not us no more it is a good software like your help with Fusion360

I,m having prablome with my Masso win I 0 XYZ it go,s to G54 G92 and it is red


MASSO Support
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Hi Abram

G92 is the temporary work offset. It means you have zeroed one or more axis. I would be more surprised if you didn't see the G92 to be honest and it is never off on mine.




While the file is loaded, press the MDI command button. Then in the new window type: G92.1 hit enter. Then hit the escape key. The window will close and the temporary offsets will be gone. In addition, have a look at the F4 tools offsets tab and see if you have any offsets for X Y and Z. If you have anything except 0 for each axis, those numbers will load each time a file is loaded. Either case will result in the red type line on the main screen.

If you do not manually reset the temporary offsets they may stay until you turn off the Masso and load a new file. To avoid this, I have modified my Post to add the G92.1 command at the end of each file. This way the machine automatically resets when the file is completed. If for some reason my file does not run to completion, or I don t reboot, I will still occasionally have to type in the G92.1 in the MDI command window. I hope this helps with your problem.