Fusion 360 Probing WCS Workflow



Given the lack of a probing reoutine in the MASSO, what is every one else doing to touhc off their stock to find 0,0,0

I have a www.drewtronics.org S500LED probe on its way and I need to start considering how I am going to use this.

I see Fusion 360 has a probe routine, but when I create the POST I get errors, and have yet to create a sucessful .nc file

Im'm not sure why MASSO cannot simply fix this, I am sure we woudl hapiily sacrifice the "Wizzards" to make room in the system for what shouyld be a basic funciton.

I'm sure you don't spell INDUSTRIAL wih missing letters



reply to an old subject, but...

With the help of "Swami" from the fusion 360fb group I'm trying to implement the probe routine in the post processor.

Right now our main isseu is how to determine the post "dialect" G-code language from the MASSO controller. This would help to have a look into other PP files and understand where to change what.

I have already added a couple of things added to the PP file, like the

If you change this line you can use the machine builder functionality in fusion 360





Hi Arie,

I'm using the probing functionality of MASSO for the start of the first pce and at the beginning of the program.

the situation is as follows: I have to mill for example 70pces with the same program, but the origin is slightly moving accros the different parts.

It would save me a lot of time If I can autoprobe the next part every time. Jogging takes some time with moving to F3 screen, get in probe mode,... on small jobs with only 2 minutes of milling that is time consuming.

therefore it would be really nice to get acces to a probing funtion of fusion. Right now I can program the probe, but not post the nc file without genereting errors because there is no probing functionality in the masso post processor.