G-code for Plasma


Hello, greetings from Eastern Europe. ;)
I just wiring up Masso G3 for plasma (without homing sensors and output ttl relay for plasma, all stores ar closed in holiday).
I just want to run some g-code for movement test. But when I load file it showed toolpath but masso software freeze when I hit cycle start.
I think the problem is with g-code format, so may be someone can send me a simple masso supported g-code file for plasma?
I want to se the format of that and run my machine for "dry test run".

Thank you in advance!



For a dry run go to F1 screen THC settings and and choose turn off thc and ark ok.

Also check the tap file for it's limits before running program.

From Ross.


  • Butterfly-1.tap
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Thank you, Ross, ;)
As I use old 2 axis oxy cut table (originally optical tracer table), I forgot to set z axis values.