G10 and Current Position


Is there a way to update the Z axis of the G54 work offset with the current value of Z?

I have tried using G10 but I need to enter the value that will be dumped into the Z of G54. Would be great if I could read the current position of Z and dump that value.



MASSO Support
Staff member
you can still use G10 as this value is pushed to G54 but will not be saved into the controllers memory and G54 in F4 screen will have the original value saved into it after power cycle.


(Edit) The only way to set G54 with the current machine coordinates is to use the AutoLoad feature in F4 screen. I do this after every work offset probing sequence.

Would have been ideal if we could use numbered parameters to set the G54...G59 offsets (eg. #5400...#5900) and other user set values in memory (eg. #1001...#1101). That way we could program the G54 offset on the fly after probing and create a generic G-Code for a standard design then simply adjust the parameters for a given part or pattern. I believe thats how its done for most programs that have conversational programing. You enter the value in a window on the screen and the G-Code program calculates the move based on the values you enter.

Cheers, Stephen Brown