G41 AND G42


G41 and G42 Cutter compensation when pocketing or profiling is an absolute must have for milling machines. Please Masso....it's time

Obviously G40 as well to cancel cutter comp before changing to next tool

Also I have no RPM readout on my mill software and this is so important when milling different steels. I need to verify speed of tool being used. You have it for lathes already.

Thank you



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I agree. My endmills are never "on size". I have to leave the office and go to the shop, measure the cutters and come back to change the program.


Yes ..

G40, G41, G42 = Please!

These may not be that big of a deal on a CNC wood router, but to hold tight tolerances in metals = extremely important!


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Having a Masso G2.

Radius compensation is really a must have in a CNC system. Please add asap this feature.