G54 Not Working


I set G54. Then I move the table away from the G54 origin. I move it about 2 inches in X and 2 inches in Y. I then go to MDI mode and type in the following.

G0 G54 X0.0 Y0.0

Nothing happens. If I enter G0 G54 X1.0 Y1.0 it moves 1 inch from the current position not 1 inch from the origin of G54. At the bottom of the screen the work offset shows G54 in white.



I restarted the controller a few times and it started working again. I hope this is not a recurring thing. Will be a big problem if it is.


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G54 is used to load the workosset and not actually set the offset value. You need to either enter the offset values in the F4 screen and these will be saved even after power down.

Or you can use G10 to set the values but these will be lost after power down.

this might be helpful



Hi @feltoncnc

When you see the G54 in white at the bottom (or contrasting grey as per recent V3.38 update) it means that G54 is active as you pointed out. At this point if you simply enter G0 X0Y0 in MDI the machine should move to the G54 X0Y0 position. You don't need to enter G54 in the line of code like you show in your example G-Code. That extra G54 in you line of code could be part of the problem but it could also be how you are implementing the G54 work offset.

After the machine has been homed, setting a new G54 work offset should be as simple as:
  1. Jog to position the tool at the X0 Y0 Z0 reference position on your part. The DRO's should be showing the actual Machine Coordinates at this point. (Do not Zero the DRO's)
  2. Select the F4 screen.
  3. Double Click on the G54 Line on the Work Offsets Table.
  4. Press Auto Load Value on the pop-up window for X, Y and Z. (This will enter the difference between your part origin and the machine coordinate into the table.)
  5. Save the new work offset values.
  6. Go back to the F2 or F3 screen and verify that the DRO's all read Zero. (It it reads zero then your G54 origin has been set properly.)

To test it jog away from the zero position and enter MDI command G0 X0Y0Z0. The tool should move to your new G54 zero position. If not then you have some other problem that is affecting the machine coordinates since it might be loosing track of its home position.

Does your machine have home position switches or sensors?

Cheers, Stephen Brown