G68 & G69 G Codes: CNC Coordinate Rotation



I've used the G68 Gcode in the past!

I've put a Masso on my older machine and like to use this Gcode, but in Masso it is not supported.

In my opinion this is a very handy code for rotating a existing gcode or a peace of a gcode that you often use or already exists on the machine. Sometimes a part ore a piece of material is rotated on the machine and with this code is can be machined in the rotated orientation.




I Agree, trying to write it so others that aren’t familiar will understand, it’s the the ability to change the orientation and angle of the XY etc through G code, it is extremely handy, and in many situations it can save a huge amount of time, not all jobs need to be dialed up perfectly true to a table axis, you can just probe a known flat surface ie the side of a square part, that’s sitting anywhere on the table, and the code can calculate the movements to move multiple axis or so you can do a cut etc in a straight line “X axis cut” alone the “X axis ” of your part That might be on a 30 odd degree angle on the table.


A lot of our sign work is created in landscape mode (Right/Left X). But a full sheet of plywood has the grain is in the Y direction on the CNC table. By inserting a "G68 X0Y0 R-90" in the gcode (via post processor) would allow a sign to be cut with the gain from the home position.