gcode edit window file size limit?


I have a plasma machine and use SheetCam for my programming but I had a problem on the Masso controller, I loaded a gcode file and then found an error in the feedrate in 1 area of the code doing a dry run. Crtl-E normally brings up the edit window but the controller gave me a size limit error and I had to go back into the office, edit the gcode, resend it via Masso Link and then reload it. What is the size limit? Is there a configuration setting that I'm missing? The file that I tried to edit is only about 100 lines long, a pretty short file, I expected that this would be easy to edit on the Masso.


MASSO Support
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Hi AE_Mike

The limitation on the edit function is based on characters rather than lines. Approximately 1850 characters.

The Edit function it there to allow users to edit hand written GCode generated using the CTRL+N function rather than edit larger CAM generated programs.

It would be rare for hand written GCode to exceed 1800 characters.