Grizzly G0704 CNC conversion


Hi all ! I have s G0704 mill that I am converting to CNC .

was wondering who else has gone down this path with this controller ?

I bought the machine and it was converted to CNC already, with ball screw conversions .

It was run on Mach 4, which the former owner kept.

So I replaced the stepper motors,with hybrid steppers with encoders on the 3 axis.

has anyone else done this and how is it working?

I posted a ? On wiring them to the Masso .

The closest I could find like the ones I bought,were Leadshine cs -1008 in the documention.

the schematic I received from the seller is for a breakout board and is wired differently.

can share more pics and info if anyone is interested.

im getting ready to fire it up and hope the magic smoke doesn t show up!

Also going to change the stock spindle motor out for a servo motor to run the spindle.

well if anyone has anything to share or ask ?, feel free !


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