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Hello Masso community,

I am a mechanical engineer from Slovenia. I am developing a 4-axis CNC machine for making grooves on sheet metal with milling technology. So I came here because I would like to use Masso solution with my machine. But I have many many questions and that is way I am making a new topic. First I will briefly describe the concept and then write the questions.


So the machine would have 4 axis. The x-axis and the z-axis would be used to move the tool/spindle. The y-axis would be used to set backgauge mechanism for positioning the sheet metal. A-axis is for rotatin the spindle and will be set manually or automatic, this I have not decided yet. The pneumatic cylinder would be used to hold down the sheet metal.

So the concept is very similar to something like this in the video, but I would use milling technology with rotating spindle to have more capability.

I hope I am clear.


1. Main question is could Masso controll all the above. So the normal workflow would be:
  1. Set the tool height (A=0 ).
  2. Set A axis rotation (manually or automatic, from here the y and z position of the tool would be known).
  3. Set y axis backauge mechanism.
  4. Load workpiece/sheet metal and clamp with pneumatics (I would like to control the pneumatics with Masso).
  5. Set the tool height with z axis.
  6. Start rotation of the spindle and move the tool along x axis.

2. Have any of you tried detecting tool height with capacitive sensor (Something like in prusa 3d printers)?

3. Which servos/controlers do you recommend so they are compatible with Masso?

4. Can I control electromagnetic pneumatic valves with Masso?

Thank you very much for your answers and ideas.


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thanks for the information and video link. The application looks very simple and should be very easy to control with MASSO.