Hafco HM63 CNC Conversion Build


Hello and thanks to the forum and the help that it may provide me on the journey to cnc conversion of a near new Hafco HM63.

Im an absolute newbie to this and appreciate any assistance provided.

my biggest fear is wasting money on incompatible software and hardware items.

i have researched other control options and accept that it is difficult (nearly impossible) to make a direct comparison with so little background knowledge.

therefore, a leap of faith is the way forward but in small steps.

The known knowns are:

Hafco HM63. 3 phase Conventional Knee Mill

travels are 890,400,400

ball lead screws are fitted to X and Y

the knee Z is motorised.

i have been using turbocad for 25 years and intend to purchase the turbocad CAM plugin to produce the G Code required by input to masso.

Now the known unknowns:

I have been advised that servo type drive motors are the best option for me and im happy to walk that path.


1 or 3 phase?

what power/torque output motors (i have not decided on direct or reduction drive yet)?

im certain that there are many unknown unknowns within this journey