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Hey Everyone! I am being gifted a late 90's Hardinge VMC-1000 in excellent mechanical condition, but there are some electrical issues currently. I want to fully clean, paint, and convert this machine with Masso G3 Touch to make it the moder-day beast it could be but I need some help.

Current Electrical Problems
  1. The machine's controller battery backup was removed, then the machine was powered off. This caused the main memory on the controller to lose ALL its parameters. I do have a floppy disk with the original parameters, but someone also previously replaced a couple capacitors on the main control board that were bulging.
  2. After someone manually entered in the parameters, the machine does operate properly but now the serial cable connection to a computer isn't communicating.

Big Questions
  1. Can the Masso G3 fully support this machines monster electronics stack? Its a 15hp / 8k Spindle.
  2. Will I need to re-use any of the main control boards or can Masso replace them?

The Good News
  1. I have the OEM wiring schematics for everything on this machine
  2. I have copies of the original parameters on floppy disk
  3. There are many replacement control boards available for this machine on ebay.

Where to start!? Can it be done!? If Masso can do it, I am going to do it and post my journey along the way.


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  1. Make a list of all inputs/outputs used by the machine, separate them into groups of area of use, also if essential to machine or nice to have. ie. Tool changer, limit switches, etc. Then check totals against what is available from MASSO.
  2. No you don't need any of the controller components, carefully mark/label/photo all cables going to various parts of the machine.
  3. You will need MASSO's relay modules to interface MASSO's TTL outputs with the existing electrical outputs.