Haunyang Spindle Trouble


Jerry In Maine
spent the last couple days converting my machine from a Mach3 setup to Masso. Everything has gone fine up to the point where I'm connecting my VFD and Spindle.

When I start the spindle in either direction the VFD frequency display runs up to 120 ha and stays there. RPM display on Masso screen says zero.

I checked for varying voltage on Massos Spindle pin 1 and just get about .75

I have the VFD's parameters set up according to info I've found here. I've prodded and poked looking for poor/incorrect connections but the wiring is pretty simple...out of ideas here?

any ideas?



MASSO Support
Staff member
so what happens if you remove the VFD wire from MASSO spindle connector 1 and touch with MASSO ground to make the signal go 0v.

whats your spindle max RPM and have you set this value in the MASSO spindle settings?


Jerry In Maine
Spindle is at max RPM now. Looks like I had a VFD parameter set incorrectly. Can I vary the speed from the keyboard? Havnt tried that yet...if that works I'm all set, but if I wasn't able to see 0-10 volts speed adjust will be an issue.

dinner time so done for the day. Will set out on a VFD/spindle jihad tomorrow morning.


Jerry In Maine
MASSO Spindle Pin 1 stays at about .075 volt no matter what I do. Doesn't vary between 0-10 volt range as I vary speed from keyboard. Spindle runs full speed - 24k RPM - in either direction.

wondering if MASSO controller has an internal issue?