HBS57 hybrid stepper driver ?


im wiring up the hybrid stepper drivers, https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Free-1A...rentrq:fcc0659a1670ab116b139e8dfff30582|iid:1

and am wondering if I am doing it correctly. I wired up it up like the leadshine driver, not like in the photo they sent me. Just not wanting to see the magical smoke show up.

Thanks for any help



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@doc1 Firstly, do you have a higher resolution image then your attached one? It's impossible to read.

Secondly, is the attached drawing the one they sent you or is that the way you are considering wiring it? I suspect the former. Cheers, Patrick


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@doc1 If you are referring to Leadshine Drive CS-D1008 Wiring then that should be OK.

@clover Check the link that @doc1 supplied, about half way down page is a diagram showing connections and based on that, I reckon that @doc1 has chosen the correct drawing.




EDITED Diagram removed see next post by me

Thanks @breezy I must have scrolled through it too quickly and missed that.

@doc1 Check out the attached, it is based on the drawing that Breezy identified way down the Ebay page.
  1. It assumes just 3 Axis although only one is shown in detail. If you need more Axis I will modify.
  2. From what I can tell the alarm signals are active low and you may have to flip the polarity in Masso's input setup.

Any questions let's know. Good luck, Patrick


Yes that was the picture they sent me of the drawing.i will need to get some resistors as I am using 12 volts for power supply to Masso. Thanks for the help, I will keep it posted how it works then .

also I. Don t have air b axis, but. Do I need to wire it that way to make it work?



I have just be thinking about the circuit in my previous post. While it will work the following is the recommended wiring as it deletes one resistor.

Again it is based on the drawing that @breezy identified way down the Ebay page.
  1. It assumes just 3 Axis although only one is shown in detail.
  2. From what I can tell the alarm signals are active low and if this is the case you won't need to flip the input with this circuit.

Do you need another Axis drawn in or is that two?


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Ok got the resistors today and wired them in ,and now I have red and green blinking leds on driver and not working.

un hook the wire with the resistor and drives stay green( to much resistance or not enough)

i cant find any info on error code for these drives.

Having a hard time tuning these new drivers and motors. Is there any where I can get some information on setting the motors up in Masso?

i tried the ones in documentation, but the motors fault out the drives .

Factory settings are at 4000 pulses I changed them to 1000 like it said but motors shake and just vibrate

I cant use the wizard, because when installed the x axis never move before faulting out.

email the act-motor company and they say there factory set and should work.

kind of at at stand still till I can find out some info( electronics not my strong suite)

thanks for any help


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Looking at the drawing from your supplier I see it has written on it that you don't need to use the enable ports. I suspect that connecting 12 volts through a resistor actually disables the drive. That is a guess but the drawing shows the enable disconnected

I found this little video clip of an HBS57 unit. It has a different cover but it looks the same and you will see both the Alarm and Enable are not connected. It might get you moving and them you can add those features later.

Hope this helps






I think you may be correct Peter. Image below is the timing diagram and seems to indicate the enable should be off to run normally (a bit of reverse logic IMHO). Doc do as Peter suggests and disconnect enable and see how it goes. If it then works to activate enable again just reverse the enable connections.


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Well people! I m happy to report I am making progress !

lesson learned is double check everything !

The schematic the factory sent me for the motor wiring has the color coding of the cables.

so i wired the plugs ahead of time according to there directions, i had the drives mounted in cabinet

and just plugged everything together. After all your peoples help narrowing things down ,i still had a drive fault a 5 blinking red led

but could not find any info from the motor,drive seller or online what they meant

so after much hair pulling , i just started basicly over .

Found out there A- A+, B- B+ Are labeled in reverse according to there drawings !

After tracking down the correct wire coloring and changing to the drive . Wala ! The motors now turn with out faulting out the drive !

Now on to motor Tuning ! The morel of this is with the Chinese products double check everything !

Ill will keep updateing as i go along !


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