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Have always wished that Masso had a HDMI output instead of the antiquated VGA.

These days most new monitors have a HDMI port as standard (on most mid and higher end models). VGA has been on its way out for several years now.

Having VGA means that now the person needs to buy a VGA to HDMI adapter, and not all of those work properly.

At the current Masso price point, it would just be nice to be able to go HDMI directly from the unit.


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Yes we are also considering to have both VGA and HDMI output from the controller, at the moment most of our clients prefer VGA but HDMI is definitely something that needs to be done in the future.


I would sagest masso make the touch monitor an ELO they are the top touch monitors they make a multi touch and a single touch multi allows touching more then one item at once uses a USB port to control the functions and a VGA out put I run ELO for like 10 years now they are top


I've asked about this years ago.. ELO is one of the LARGEST touch Screen manufacturers out there, and they have YET to even think about getting ELO's to work on this system. Every great shop I have been to or heard about has ELO screens. I can't believe they would even consider HDMI support over a much more robust touch screen support. Why would anyone need HDMI to display the video coming from this box? Do you really need it to be in 4K?? My ELO screens are the clearest I've owned. They are very high quality screens, unlike most of the chinese junk that's actually being supported.


Quote from Swimmster on November 13, 2021, 3:04 am

Do you really need it to be in 4K?? My ELO screens are the clearest I've owned. They are very high quality screens, unlike most of the chinese junk that's actually being supported.

No one mentioned 4K so I'm not sure why you'd even bring that up?

While ELO makes a nice screen, I'm sure that many of the components inside them are also Asian-made.


ELO has a factory in China => ELO Factory Tour

The video controller for the MASSO G3 controller is embedded in the main MCU chip - from the datasheet for the MCU:
The LCD-TFT display controller provides a 24-bit parallel digital RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and delivers all signals to interface directly to a broad range of LCD and TFT panels up to XGA (1024x768) resolution with the following features:

Therefore the maximum resolution that the MASSO G3 controller can ever support is 1024 x 768. The most logical monitor interface for this resolution is SVGA.

The issue is going to be supporting multi-touch monitors as compared to the single touch monitors. From a USB perspective single touch monitors act like a USB mouse however multi-touch monitors use a different USB protocol to communicate as the USB HID protocol (used by USB keyboards and mice) d0es not have the capability of transferring the extra information required for multi-touch applications. Adding an additional device driver library to the MASSO controller is going to eat up the remaining flash memory / RAM of the MCU, we have seen the G2 effectively reach end-of-life due the storage space limitations.

Most ELO monitor options support SVGA video cable (or at least an option exists in nearly every size option). In addition ELO do make a number of models in "standard aspect" (4:3) ratio, some of these models are single touch, others are multi-touch (up to 10 simultaneous touches) while a few are dual touch.

Check the ELO website and check the technical specifications for which models are single touch (at a quick glance: 1515L, 1517L, 1715L, 1717L & 1915L - looks like model numbers ending with 15L or 17L).

Disclaimer - Just because a monitor is a single touch sensor only indicates that it is "most likely" to use the USB HID protocol to emulate a mouse. For ELO monitors - download the relevant manual (see links above) and search for the word "HID" and if you find words similar to: "No additional drivers are required for your projected-capacitive touchmonitor, it uses Windows HID drivers." then it is likely to work.