Hello all


I've just registered to give feedback in the MASSO Link thread, but my post seems to have disappeared without error when I hit submit. I hope it's because new users are moderated, but we'll see if this post makes it.

Anyway, I have a secondhand 1200x1200 commercial unit with extremely low hours - they upgraded to a huge bed and stopped using the tiny one. I've been using LinuxCNC, but I'm looking for an environmentally robust embedded solution.

I won't write too much, in case this post disappears, and I'll check back in a couple of days.



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Hi @astfgl

Welcome to the Forum and the adventure. Sounds like a nice machine you have there.

Not sure what happened to your comment as it shouldn't disappear. Make sure you tick the I'm not a robot before you post but even then it should give you a reminder. All I can suggest is having another go.

All the best with your upgrade and you might like to consider starting a build log if you want. It would be great to see.

Cheers Peter


Thanks, I was lucky to come across it at just the right time. The model I have is a very early ancestor of the Woodpecker "Camaro" model from http://www.roc-cnc.com/en/. The original controller was working, but arcane, clunky and rusty. I replaced it with a breakout board and a PC, but don't have high hopes for the PC long term here in north Queensland. The machine however, is excellent. Ball screws and quality steppers, generous power supplies and grease on everything that moves and anything steel that doesn't.

I've re-posted my comment in the Connect thread, this time it worked fine.

If I do decide to buy a G3 I'll post the details, but it'll be a very straightforward conversion as I've already reverse-engineered the CNC to do the first conversion.

Pro tip: the schematic diagram that came with the Woodpecker is a LIE. There are no photointerruptors on the X, Y or Z homes, nor microswitches on the X, Y, or Z hard limits, no matter how long you spend lying under the chassis with a torch and a mirror. A single microswitch per axis for homing is all you get. Oh well, I paid peanuts, so I can't complain.