Hello everyone


1st I want to say I hope everyone is safe and take care of yourselves in this difficult time.

I have been wanting to build a plasma table for quite some time and I m finally going to start. It will start as plasma and may due double duty as router. I have most of the items to build the controller now with exception of the big power supply. One thing I can say about Masso is wow on the shipping!!

shipped Monday out of Australia received today in US. I have had more trouble getting eBay stuff 500 miles away.
I m looking forward to learning from everyone here and maybe be able to help someone out as well.
Thanks Curt


MASSO Support
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Hi Curt,

Welcome to the Forum, let the adventure begin.

If you like you can start a build log for your machine. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Cheers Peter


Hello Curt,

Welcome to the forum. There are several plasma users active on the forum. Ross, SegoMan Designs, and Lilow come to mind, and I'm sure they will be helpful as you move forward with your build. Good luck,