Hello from a complete novice to the CNC community.


Hi everyone , Mark here from the UK ,as the header says i'am a complete novice in this mystical world of cnc,so please bare with me if at times i seem completely puddled and ask the daftest questions that you will have seen asked a million times before.

I would like to say thank you to Peter from Masso support for his help and patience in answering all my questions ,well nearly all i had you stumped with that technical question about the Buy it button and how pressing it can be hazardous to your health didn't i Peter.

My Masso and a few other goodies are as i type this drivel making there way by various modes of transport from far flung places so with a little luck all will arrive in one piece and soon.

If there are any members here from the HULL area please shout out ,i would enjoy taking a gander at your setup and would welcome a visit to take a look at my feeble efforts and maybe offer a pointer or two. A welcome a brew and biscuits (Chocolate Hobnobs on a Wednesday) and a Thank you are about all i can offer in return for your Knowledge and maybe a laugh or two. Please do message me before you come so i can make sure that any stray grand children have been rounded up and suitably restrained for your safety and sanity.

Will get a build post up soon and welcome your comments good or bad .


Hi Mark, its a big learning curve, but this is a good forum site.

Do some searches in the search bar and you will find most of your answers, other then that their is always someone that can help.

I have a plasma and I am happy to say I am making parts now.

Still learning, From Ross.


Thank's Ross,

How right you are that there is a lot to learn and at my age its going to take a wee bit longer than the youngsters out there.

Good to hear that you are up and running.