Hello from Blighty


Hello All,

Dave here from the UK. Trying to convert my cheap chinese hobby mill to CNC, it's an AMA45 if that means anything to anyone,

6 speed gearbox, did have a 2 speed motor but now has an inverter, R8 spindle. Ballscrews have replaced the leadscrews. I originally intended

to use LinuxCNC with analogue servos and encoder feedback but this Masso unit looks pretty good. Fortunately, the chinese servo drives &

motors I bought will also do Step & Direction positioning. The day job is a CNC service engineer, I mainly repair the electronics but some mechanical

work too, so this is a bit like a busman's holiday :)




MASSO Support
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Welcome to the MASSO forums Dave.

It looks like you have already done a lot of work on the machine and will be exciting to see the full CNC conversion.

You can create your conversion forum topic called "AMA45 Milling Machine" in "Machine Conversions" https://www.masso.com.au/forums/?view=forum&id=8 so that we can share information and others can also learn about your machine conversion.