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Hi Masso Community,

I'm working with my "fifth generation" home-built CNC. I use it for furniture prototypes so I designed it to be flexible. It's mostly for wood working but is capable of milling aluminum (and steel in a very, very limited way). For metal work I have a mist cooling system and a square tub that bolts onto the bed to catch and recirculate the coolant. On the other side of the wall behind it is where the dust extractor lives for wood. The parts I designed for it were cut on a waterjet at a machine shop I've worked with for many years, one of the handful remaining in San Francisco. The CNC's construction is all metal - 90% aluminum and after a lot of rework fairly rigid. The last upgrade was a new T-Slot bed and the next one is a B + C axis. I may start another machine for the 5 Axis incarnation. The Masso and power supplies are installed within an old MacPro "cheese grater" tower. I bought the Masso several months ago but just recently had a chance to finish switching over to it. I chose to get a Masso after my PC-based controller had a small small hiccup which destroyed a nearly completed project. There have been a few issues along the way - two of three homing sensors stopped working. I completely rewired the machine and also grounded all the shielded cables in case the sensors had been zapped by EMI.



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I think I seen something like the upside down pictures on another forum and it had something to do with apple products? not sure how true that was? something to do with apple photos being saved to widows operating systems I think?