Hello from San Diego California / USA


I am building my first cnc router based on the open builds router with the Masso G3 / Masso relay board and the Masso prox sensors. I have a Tormach pnc770 mill / composites curing oven/ 1500 watt laser cutter and the Form2 3D printer. My future builds will be a cnc wire bender/ desktop injection molder and a thermoforming machine.

. My main use will be carbon fiber RC sailboat parts from plate stock. I would like to explore some 3D or 2.5 D milling.

Currently having some difficulties with wiring the Gecko G213V drivers.

The documentation doesn't cover this particular driver but it does cover the G203 which looks similar.

I am not sure if the power needs to be connected because the Masso documentation shows a connection between the common and the negative on the masso G3.

What is that connection for? I currently have 48V connected to the power side.

Anyone with experience wiring the Geko drives?




Hi Steve,

Gecko is a very popular driver so there should be plenty of support and documentation.

I'll let others correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe all your DC grounds should be commoned up so that they have an accurate 0v reference. So all your negatives from all 12v, 24v, 48v etc should be joined. The illustration just shows you to connect it to the negative terminal on Masso to indicate that they should be commoned. Most people wouldn't connect it directly like that, they would use a terminal block.