Hello from Wisconsin


Hi Everyone,

I home built my CNC Plasma about 4 years ago and just recently migrated from Mach 3 to Masso and so far I have no complaints :)

The work envelope is 68 x 68 Inches (1727 x 1727 mm)

I have incorporated a water table with an automatic level sensor as well as an air scribe

Here is a few photos in case anyone is interested:


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Thanks for the reply.

V4.02, I thought it was taken down.

May I ask the connection process you use for the Price THC.

I have run my own built THC with v3.46.1 for 12 months, but when updating to v3.47, v4.0, v4.01 nothing works.

I am building another unit to run a positive trigger for the THC inputs to v4.01, the v3.46.1 uses a negative trigger to the inputs.



Yes 4.02 was taken down, but I had already applied it & its working fine so I haven't bothered to back level

I have it wired exactly as is shown on page 420 of the Masso documentation.

Sorry to hear yours isn't working.

But I am confused as to your statement that 4.01 requires a positive trigger since that is not what I have (nor is it what the documentation shows). In my case the inputs are held high until the THC calls for a move, at that point the input is pulled low. Of course since the logic is reversed, the logic needs to be inverted on the F1 screen (but this is explained in the documentation as well)

Because the logic can be inverted in the F1 screen I am curios as to why you would need to build a different unit? wouldn't all you need to do is invert the logic?

I am also very curios as to why Masso would invert the THC logic at a version change but maybe Masso support can answer that one


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Hi Fablab,

MASSO has not changed the THC logic for the THC inputs, Up, Down and Arc OK on any software version. Doing so would be pointless.
It has remained the same since the first G2 software version through to the current software version on both the G2 & G3.
Nor have the input trigger points or input voltages changed as that would require physically changing components on MASSO.
For more information see this forum topic.

Cheers Peter


Thanks Peter,

That makes sense, I couldn't see any reason for those types of changes & as I said above my THC is working just fine connected per the documentation


Quote from Grebbo on July 22, 2021, 11:15 am

Hey Fablab,

That's a neat looking machine! what's the Air Scribe do?


The air scribe adds engraving capabilities as well as cutting


Quote from janpo on October 6, 2021, 12:59 am

Hi there. Nice machine.

I'm curious how the "automatic levelling sensor" works.



I wired up a sensor that automatically stops water from flowing into the water table when its full.