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Hello My name is Steve

I am from NZ originally where I was working in the electronics industry as a qualified Technician for around 20 years, I have always had an interest in electronics and designed and built many of my own projects over the years and have worked with many different types of equipment from ATM banking machines through to pokie machines. I moved to Australia ten years ago and got involved in the cabinet making industry and developed a passion for working with wood.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with terminal cancer october 2018 and had to make a few major life decisions, I had to leave the Job I was doing. I decided to build a small wood work shop in a double garage thinking I might be able to do a few small jobs when I have the energy to make some pocket money and as part of that was the purchase of a Chinese made CNC. I contacted a company called Daymax CNC and after a lot of discussion imported a Daymax 1212 router with 3.2kw water cooled spindle, it used a rich auto a11 control system. I have had a lot of enjoyment learning how to use this machine but as I have grown in what i want to do with it have found some limitations with the controller. I use Vertec vcarve pro to do cad cam as I have limited time and wanted to get going without having to learn how to use say fusion 360. So the post processor for vcarve and the a11 only allows for very basic gcode, there is no spindle speed control for instance. I looked into mach3 and mach4 and purchased several controllers to do a later upgrade or so I thought.

Just before the Chinese New Year my A11 started to malfunction (Not powering on) which is a known fault with this system so I contacted my friend at Daymax and found out the Chinese government has essentially shut down all the factories and everyone is being told to stay at home due to the virus, so I decided to try the other control systems I had, I managed to get both running but they seemed to have a lot of issues, to me the mach systems seem to be to flexible with way to many options. Also the hardware integration seems to be hit and miss, both the systems I tried to get going had old drivers that would work with only certain versions of the mach software. I came across Masso by chance but it seems like an integrated system like the A11 (Software and Hardware) but with the features that I really want in my system. So I have purchased a Masso and am starting to do a major conversion to my machine. The good thing is when I got the a11 I wrote down all of the settings parameters for instance pulses per mm, which were exact when used with the mach systems so hopefully I will have not to many problems doing the conversion to Masso. I am also getting rid of the box that the original machine came with and installing the electronics in drawers under the CNC as I have limited space and it seemed where ever I put the control box it was in the way.

I will post a couple of photos of the machine and start a conversion thread in the appropriate part of the forum

I have one question, my machine used a setting of 69.569 pulses per mm at 1600 steps per revolution, I am going to change the stepper drivers to 3200 steps per revolution which should double the pulses per mm I will also bump the motor current up from 4.45A to 5.14A in order to gain a little accuracy. Masso setup seems to be different for X,Y,Z in that it doesn't use pulses per mm to set calibrated instead asking for steps per revolution and distance per step would i be right to assume if i divided 69.569 by 1600 i would have the two parameters it requires for setup (69.569/1600 = 0.0435) so steps per rev 1600 and travel per step 0.0435 or can i just enter pulses per mm somewhere?

Anyway I am very hopeful I will have an operational CNC again and a machine that has the features i want and reliability


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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum. It's great to have another Kiwi here, sorry to hear about the circumstances.

Nice looking machine and hopefully it will be up and running in no time. You had me going there for a while trying to figure out your little problem until my brain re-engaged.

Your axis takes 69.569 pulses to move 1mm and it takes 1600 pulses to do 1 revolution.

If we divide 1600 by 69.569 it will tell us how far it moves in 1 revolution. In this case 22.99874944mm

The setting you need is:

Motor: Distance per revolution 22.99874944

Drive: Pulses per revolution 3200

It might seem strange but the motor Distance per revolution is constant and doesn't change because it is set in the hardware of your machine

The Drive setting will change with your your stepper drive microstepping but it does not alter the motor value.

Let me know if there is anything else you need to get up and running.

Cheers Peter


thank you that makes sense, I have learnt to power off the machine and manually move it to middle position before testing motor drive after installing a new controller as you have a little time to react before one of the axis goes crashing into a end stop. I have made a lot of progress with re wiring and removing the old controller box I will start a thread in the conversions section as my machine is pretty standard out of china. I must admit I have been very impressed with their build I was honestly not expecting the use of fairly standard quality components. They have put ferules on all the wiring along with English labeling on every wire.

Btw are you ex telecom/post office tech (I started as a data tech in the mid eighties for the post office)


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Hi Steve,

You and I must have started about the same time. I started in the Greymouth Switchroom. Come to think of it I still have an office there but as a contractor now. That means I've progressed about 1 metre in the last 37 years.

If it means anything to you I was number 178852 in the stud book and it is a sad sad thing that i can still remember that without having to think about it.

If it helps I have a playlist of videos that might help with your setup.

I look forward to seeing you build log.

Cheers Peter


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I live in Ohio,USA. I have 2 milling machines with Masso controls. The first was a DynaMyte 2800. Got it cheap with a junk control. The second has the Masso 3. It is a Comet MV5, 40 taper bed mill. I picked up an old Haas indexer and converted it to a full 4th axis. I just need to figure out the "degrees per rev" and "pulses per rev." I have 3200 microsteps per rev for the motor. But I am not sure how many teeth are on the worm wheel.

A rough try with the wizard gave me .65675 degrees, and 280 steps. Any suggestion are welcome.

I have a 4 axis Syil X3 waiting in line for a masso and a Maxnc (my first CNC) that may get one if the factory control dies again. Then there is a half built lathe...

Took a bit to get used to the G92 turning on when zeroing the readout. (the video set me strait). A video on using WiFi and a phone to load programs would be great. My shop is too far from my house to use wifi from my office. I would like to make a control panel with jog buttons, cycle start-stop, coolant, etc like on regular industrial machine. Has anyone set up inputs to emulate keyboard keys?

I will post more later, I need some sleep.

Matt ODonnell

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Hello Matt welcome to Masso, and the forum also. I have only had my Masso controller for a couple of weeks so am bit of a newbie. Looks like you have a great collection of CNC machines It would be great if you were to post an introduction as a new topic with some photos, BTW it is better to break your post into smaller multiple chunks as there is a limit on size of files.

I tried various controller/hardware solutions when my original controller broke it was a rich auto A11 and to be honest it was perfect for me starting out with CNC, I tried 2 different mach controllers when my machine broke but trying to get drivers working with software and hardware never worked reliably for me having an integrated system with amazing support has enabled me to get a full machine conversion done very quickly

I have good news and bad news regarding your questions

"I picked up an old Haas indexer and converted it to a full 4th axis"

Can you post a photo of any part number or markings on the old Hass indexer I will do some research and try to find relevant data to make the settings, my Gearbox has the ratio stamped on it of 1:20 so dividing 360/20 gave me a figure of 18 for degrees per rev testing showed that number to be correct.

"A video on using WiFi and a phone to load programs would be great."

There is software that needs to be run to make the connection between the sending device and the Masso controller at the moment it is only available for windows based operating systems, there is a thread in the feature request section by Masso regarding this regarding a Apple and Linux version of the software but not android or Apple ios for phones you may want to post a comment there

I do have a network based solution that may end up giving you connected internet in your shop. If you can confirm that your shop power is connected to your house board and find a Phase that is common to your house and workshop you could use an inexpensive Powerline adapter kit to get networking into your shop from your house. Just connect a cable from you home router (hopefully you have a spare output) to one end, and in the shop connect the connector to the input of a WiFi router set up the router as a normal and you should have good reliable networking in your shop. I am not sure if running multiple Masso controllers at once would work with the software but it seems Masso are very much into adding features if they are requested, supported by the community, and possible. I have a feeling that if you assign a different static address to each Masso unit you might be able to just change the IP at the PC end to access each controller separately here is a link to that thread

"I would like to make a control panel with jog buttons, cycle start-stop, coolant, etc like on regular industrial machine."

I completely agree that you should be able to assign any button on the screen to an input on the controller I have mentioned this in the feature request section of the forum as I would like to install a probe z button on my cnc.

You are limited to the selection on the drop down menu in the input section of the setup screen but it looks like most of the inputs you want are already available also you can access the preset inputs via the MPG connector just go to the documentation section under support and you will be able to get all the information you require. Here is a link to my post regarding buttons and inputs maybe you could add a post there also

I hope that this has been helpful and you get up and running soon

Kind Regards

Steve Frisby


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Thank you for your reply. I am just figuring out this "forum stuff". I did figure out my A axis. I could not get my bifocals in range of the drive. I had the microsteps set wrong. All is good now. I need to clean up the shop some before taking photos.

Have a great day.


No worries Matt, funny I have to clean up my mess before taking photos also.

It looks like there is a quite a large group of people requesting iOS and Android support for WiFi in the Masso feature request so you might actually get that feature added.