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Hi, my name is jon and have a small (2011) multicam Australia unit (1200mmx1000mm), that i have decided to update the control gear while i have the money and time and before the control gear fails . I am in north west Tasmania and work with timber primarily. Have an industrial design background and worked in industry doing cad work and profiles for a few years. So got my Masso today and gutted my machines insides, the old control gear looked like something from a 1985 video game machines and am going to link the masso to a g540 to run three Nema34 steppers, Then maybe add a few more functions as I go. I am really excited to work through this as it is my first time getting under the hood of a cnc. Please be gentle as I will probably ask some very basic questions at first but hope this community will support me through this. Cant wait to see what thos masso controller can do to improve me work flow. Here is a pic of my machine all gutted and ready to build :)


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Welcome Pluggs

The G540 is a great stepper drive unit and I use it on my machine and quite a few on the forum use it with their Masso. I'm sure you won't have any problem getting it up and running.

Look forward to seeing your build.




Welcome aboard the Masso train @pluggs.

As Peter has said above, the G540 is a great driver (I also have one on my CNC). You won't have any trouble getting it up and running but if you have any difficulties there is plenty of help here on the forum.
I will probably ask some very basic questions at first

We were all beginners at one time so don't feel any question is dumb. I am sure nobody has ever been flamed and don't think I have ever heard a cross word on this forum.

By the way, I envy you living in Tasmania and having access to that beautiful Huon pine. Patrick