help me, with the selection of a spindle


Hi Guys!

I Am Carlos Leon, From Mexico and I am Designer.

I have a new proyect ( a Router ) I Like Masso controller and a will buy a masso controller.

but I don t Know where I can buy a Spindle, I need a spindle like this video, that it can change the tools

can you help me?


The spindle shown is an "Automatic Tool Changer" (ATC) spindle. As it has three tubes connected to the spindle the spindle will be water cooled (water in, water out, compressed air to change the tool).

If you search for "ATC spindle motor" you should find several suppliers.

The spindle motor will require a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to convert your local voltage to drive the spindle. Normally you would purchase the spindle and VFD from the same supplier as a matched pair.

When reviewing spindles you will find the term similar to BT20, BT30, ISO20 or ISO30. This refers to the tool holder which is loaded into the spindle (in the video posted the tool rack has 6 tool holders). The tool holders type determine the maximum size shaft that can be loaded into a tool holder. The tool holder in the video is likely to be an "ISO" tool holder (the BT series have 2 notches in the outer ring to transfer power from the spindle which can make them harder to balance for high speeds).

Each tool holder will require a collet to grip onto the tool, this will typically be an ER collect (ER11, ER16, ER25, ER32, ...), each collet is suitable for a shaft size within a narrow span (normally only 1mm between the smallest to largest diameter for a specific collet). Collets can be purchased for a specific size or a set covering the range of shaft diameters.