Help modifying 8 tool lathe turret


I have been slowly working through the process of converting a 1987 Boxford CNC lathe too work with Masso. So far I have had success using the original hardware. But now I'm at the Toolchanger. The original design used a stepper motor. I know I cannot use that with Masso and have found a DC Motor to replace it. But the original turret doesn't have any homeing sensors which the toolchanger logic needs. I am thinking Of making an 8 position Disk and using a Masso optical homing sensor for the tool position feedback. Do you think that will work ?


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Thank you for the Replie. I just looked at the Hercus turret. I will try mount two microswitches inside the turret which will be a challenge. I can then use the Hercus logic minus the third switch as my turret doesn't have locking pins.