Hercus PC200 retrofit

Hi, my name is Peter Michelini. I'm an Engineering teacher from Melbourne Victoria.

I am currently retrofitting a Hercus PC200 with an 8 position tool turret with a MASSO controller.

The motivation behind this project is that the Hercus machine is an extremely well built machine on the hardware side, however, due to it's age, the electronics are very outdated and don't suit the type of small run or hobby jobs that I am planning for it. I considered one of the Chinese built machines, but decided to keep an eye out for one of these after seeing one that was restored at Harvester Technical (where I work) by Peter Pilbeam and Aaron Powter. See it here:

The current plan is to use the original servo motors coupled to Gecko 320X drives, AMT encoders, upgraded spindle motor to a DMM Tech servo drive, MASSO MPG pendant, use the original tool turret and add mist coolant. The servo spindle is possibly going to be used to allow a live tooling arrangement down the track as the spindle can be used as an axis.

Feel free to give feedback, ideas, etc. as this is still in it's infancy!

Please follow the conversion post here: https://www.masso.com.au/forums/?view=thread&id=77&part=1#postid-328