Homing error


I am having a homing error on my mill.

I home the machine which works fine but l am having a "please wait" error on the homing light.

l have checked homing switches on f1 screen and are reading low until tripped and after pullback return to low.

l can move machine with keyboard however MDI does not work due to error.

Masso unit has a green led only, red led is not on or flashing.

This error happened yesterday, did a power cycle which cleared it however is not working today.

Masso unit, 5A-2798 4 axis mill

core 3.10

software 3.41.8A


I have just done a power cycle for the third time today and it has now cleared itself. Will keep an eye on it.


Staff member
Hi Peter35

Check to see that you have auto Zero turned off on your machine under the f1 settings screen.

This usually happens if you set the Auto Zero but don't have a touch plate configured. The X,Y & Z axis home and them it tries to Zero the tool and just sits there.




Thanks Peter, will keep this in mind.

This is a new problem which has started around the same time as using the auto tool zero.

Will see how it goes and will keep you informed.