How to wire Teco alarm circuit



Clover helped me with mine and i know i dont have the same drives as you but here is how we wired up mine and it worked. Might give you some ideas until someone with some actual knowledge can help or provide an actual wiring diagram for your drives.


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thanks for that it's looking like my suspicions about that dc- connection may be correct. I have 24v on board the drive though I think which changes things a bit.



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got the attached image from the manual you provided and you need to wire as per the example.


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Hi @masso-support Not quite getting where the Masso input is wired. Also does pin cn1-49 go to dc- ? I would be using the internal 24v power example although I have an external 24v power supply also

thanks. Guy



Anything I could be missing. Do I need a resistor or something? About 6 hours with an actual electrician and we still couldn't get an alarm signal. Am I correct in saying that the drive has a sinking output and the Masso is sinking in? We have been through the parameters many times and are sure it is set up properly through the appropriate output terminal etc.


@masso-support Good news I got it working. The problem I was having was that the pin on the connector cn45 that goes to one side of the relay is looped to another pin. I just left them connected and soldered another wire in with them so I could bring that lead out to my relay, used the other wire cn49 on the other terminal of the relay and Shazam when no alarm relay was off and when I induced an alarm relay was on. Then I just took 24v+ from my power supply through switched side of relay to Masso input. Of course times 3 for 3 axis.

Thanks for the help. Guy