ikhoming issues


I have all the homing sensors installed and they appear to be working. When I press Home, each axis moves the router to home, then backs off half inch and stops. So all axises are at zero.

However, the homing process worked mechanically, but the masso software still shows homing and the on screen homing button shows cancel. I attached a photo of the software still blinking homing and the home button shows cancel.

I click on cancel and the on screen HOME button goes back to showing Home, but the home status is stuck on

Homing Please Wait now the home button shows HOME.

Any idea what is going on? It appears the only way to clear the HOMING warning is to turn off and back on.

Also, when I move each axis then try to home it again I get a soft limit warning on the x-axis even though I moved it only a half inch and it won t home. The max limit for the x-axis is 25 inches.

I then move each axis a little again, this time it homes, the the Homing message is still blink and does not stop.


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it looks like you have Auto Tool Zero enabled but not using it, please goto the F1 screen and in Auto Tool Zero disable it.