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Firstly, if you need assistance in writing technical documentation for end users, this is something I've done my whole career in the IT/carrier network space. I can assist - this is nothing new.

While video documentation that explains things extremely slowly and in excruciating detail is great for the complete novice, its not appropriate for a user wanting information quickly.

For example, Updating firmware on G3 requires me to resort to a video to find the folder name I need to create on the flash drive as well as the hotkey (F1) when booting up to get into the firmware loading mode.

I would request that documentation in the written/picture form be improved and written with the view of the user having basic competence using a computer, a keyboard, mouse, the Masso UI. Think of this like a reference for someone that has a machine up and running and mostly knows what they are doing, but needs to find information on something specific quickly (without watching long winded videos).

Something that is missing from your docs that is fundamental is a single document laying out the complete pinout of the Masso and their functions, properties, and limitations (ie the pin's function, voltage/current limits etc). This information is currently fragmented everywhere some in your written documentation and most in videos. As an example something completely missing is the labeled pinout for the spindle motor control terminal. I had to look at wiring examples for a number of different possible usage options to find the information I need, instead of looking at a single diagram that labels and describes each pin.

Further to this, documentation should be clear and differentiate between G2 and G3 controllers if you do plan to support both. Right now there is information that is written that references G2 that is necessary to get things working on G3, but the G3 is slightly different - enough that the documentation can be confusing to someone without the ability to interpret and take an educated stab.


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thanks @shaun and we have added your feedback to our list. We are also working on a totally new documentation platform and this feedback will be helpful.



I'd like to add to this request that a downloadable PDF, that could be printed and kept with the machine would be preferred. Videos are good for some things, but when you're at the machine a manual is more helpful.


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its a limitation in the documentation platform but we are trying to work out some solution to create PDF's.


I too would appreciate a single written manual. Just trying to find if masso supports pre defined routines like mach4 mill wizards was a challenge.


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thanks for the feedback and we are now working on the next documentation platform design so that we can also create PDF version of the documentation.


Not to pile on but I ll add my vote for written, printable documentation. It would be hugely helpful.


So much easier when converting or building a machine to have complete printed PDF's.
When I print from the web based documentation the pages print with artifacts making it harder to read.


Can you print any of the documentation? I am looking at the list of configurable inputs and it looks like I cant even print that page? I know I can print screen, or copy and paste the list but honestly is that the only way to print the Masso documentation


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Hi Steve @stevefrisby

To print the inputs page I opened the page and selected print. I chose to print as a PDF in windows but had I selected to output it to my printer I would have got the same result. I have attached the PDF printout below.
I am using Google chrome. Interestingly Firefox only prints the first page and leaves the 2nd page blank. I don't know how other browsers behave but Chrome print works ok.

Hi Craig @holla2040
Here is the inputs page with a list of input options

Type input in to the documents search bar on the top right and the 2nd result down is the List of Configurable Inputs.

Hope this helps
Cheers Peter


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I also agree with this request. If I end up purchasing a Masso, I would also be willing to help with technical documentation.

Forums and Videos are fine initially, but version control is non-existent, topics tend to drift and indexing is less than ideal.

PS - I also realize it can be expensive to do... So if folks can be marshaled to help out, it might be of great benefit to you. One possibility, the Wiki approach may work, with solid editorial control.