Improved MDI interface - Command History



I'd like to see the MDI interface improved.

I'm finding that for manual operations where I'm not running gcode I've generated from a CAM tool, working with the MDI is a bit clunky and seems unpolished.

For me, the MDI interface is essential as many of the things I'll be doing won't be done by generating G-code from CAM, but are simple operations where the MDI would be suitable until the wizards improve.

I'd like to see:

1: Command history - I'd like to see a log of commands I've entered in the past in a scrollable list. I get memory might be tight on the G2 controllers, so this could be limited to the last 20 or 50 commands on G2 and more on G3? and MDI log should optionally be written to the flashdrive. mdi-YYYY-MM-DD-NN.log where NN is a new unique filenumber in the event the Masso is rebooted?

2: the ability to use the arrow keys to navigate up/down to allow selection of a past mdi command for editing and exection - the way the bash shell in Linux works is a good model for this.

3: Random characters being entered into the MDI input field - when using MDI and switching between f1/f1/f3 or clicking on UI elements behind the MDI box, the MDI box loses focus. Ctrl-M will re-focus MDI and allow data entry again, but very often I see random junk chars entered into the MDI box.




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I would like to add that if you have the MDI dialog open and you open another operation like probing, when you exit the second operation the MDI dialog is not redrawn correctly even after a Ctrl-M, so you have to exit MDI and reopen to get access to the control buttons in the MDI dialog.




I also found yesterday, when in the jog screen, with MDI input window having focus, if I pressed the left arrow key to move the cursor position, instead of moving the cursor position in the MDI window, it made the X axis jog. This could have cause damage to my cutter/part if I didn't notice what was happening.

So far my experience using the Masso interactively with MDI has been very disappointing.

This bug in particular should go on the fast track to being fixed!

If MDI window has focus, it should receive input from the arrow keys too, not just a-z and 0-9!


All great points. Having the option of an extended MDI history/ configusable screen that is able to have a list of prestored MDI requests would be a great addition, I used have a few pages of pre written GCode/macros on a DMG I used to run, I could just open a screen and press go to line (whatever) as I remembered numerous commands by line numbers click on the command/ macro amd it would do its thing, and if it was something where it might need to probe a dozen points on the job to find where it needed to zero itself it could, ie it would probe two preset points and do a plane shift to the axis, then it would probe a few specific pre programmed sections to locate hole and features etc and save those points as different work coordinates etc