Increasing feed rate while running a gcode


Hello everyone,

Is there any way so that we can increase the feed rate while running a gcode and increase depth of cut too? Thanks in advance.


Hi @sourabh

there is a cheat sheet for keyboard commands made by @testyourdesign in the Q and A section of the forum if your looking for keyboard control. If you are looking for an increase of federate over 100% then you might try this method that @kiwicnc previously posted

"I'm new to this forum and to the product. But as an idea, what I currently do with the MAch3 setup is use a much higher feed rate when I am doing my POST creation, and then throttle back on the interface

Just a thought, and will be the way to use the MASSO



This is a fairly common way to combat feed speed on machines that don't override over 100%. As far as the depth of cut goes I don't know of any way to override that value without reposting. If you happen to have a Bridgeport style milling machine with a manual quill then you can feed hold your program and manually lower your tool. The issue with this is it messes with your axis offset so it may not be desirable in some situations