Individual Homing Speeds for Each Axis


I would love the ability to set homing speeds individually for each axis. This would make homing a bit snappier being able to speed up the axes where it makes sense.



My gut feeling reading the description / benefits is this would be a "nice to have".

For most mills / routers / plasma tables the X and Y axis should be able to move at approximately the same speed. The Z axis should be able to move at a similar speed, may not be as fast but not slower than 50% of the X/Y axis (if the mass of the head is an issue then investigate a counter weight arrangement to reduce the static load).

If your setup has a 4th/5th axis where homing has speed issues (degrees rotation is very different to mm/inch for the X/Y/Z) then it would carry more urgency.

Perhaps instead of "feed rate" it should be a percentage of the axis maximum feed rate. I suspect the individual axis maximum feed rate is likely to be proportional to your desired homing speed.


Yeah for me it's more than just a "nice to have". Currently, my Z-axis travels too fast, and if I set the feed rate too high it will crash into the proximity switch. Slowing the feedrate down enough so this doesn't happen means the much longer X and Y-axis take too long to home.