Individual homing speeds instead of global


Here is an example of a homing situation that limits the X axis speed to 10 ipm in order to be able to home the other axis

"Hi Westyone

Try setting your X axis maximum speed in the X axis settings page to 10 ipm and leave your Z axis at it's high speed setting.

Then set your homing speed to one that suits the Z axis but the X axis should still only move 10 ipm. There is no need for such a short axis to move at high speed as it will be uncontrollable if you are moving it by hand

Hope this helps"

In this scenario the X axis is limited to 10 ipm so at 2000 rpm it is able to feed at .005 ipr which is a little slow for decent finish and chip evacuation.

I would like the homing speeds to be able to be set individually instead of globally

Thanks. Guy